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  • 3.5 inch or 90 mm dia. flexible Peelable Polish Palette in two different colors. 

    Use it to dab dollops of polish for your reverse or decal stamping, or to create smush or wet marble decals. Simply leave your polish on the palette until it is completely dry and apply a layer of clear polish when you are ready to peel it off.  Some polishes and thicker dullops and blobs peel easier.  

    The palette have a convenient edge around the rim making it perfect to hold your gems, or make shallow water baths for your water transfer decals. 

    The palette is made in food grade matte silicone and is alcohol, acetone and dish washer safe. While acetone does not damage the palette, it is not advised to use any other than pure acetone, because oils and glycerin addatives will give it a smooth and shiny finish rather than matte. 

    Be aware that some polishes just like they can stain nails, also have a potential to stain the white palette. We are not aware of polish makers pigment ingredients, so it is impossible to predict which. 

  • The palettes will be delayed according to the production time of 25 business days and about 7-14 business days shipping, depending on destination, if ordered in combination with a pre-order design.