2-in-1 STAMPER

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 1.5 inch or 4cm 2-in-1 stamper with two stackable stamper heads allow you to not only stamp but also to shrink large images to fit your nailbed. Each set comes complete with a crystal clear silicone stamper head, and a cloudy squishy shrinking stamper head and scraper.

    The handle is made with acrylic and will be permanently cloudy if it comes into contact with acetone. We recommend to use scotch tape or a lint roller to easily clean your stamper from extra leftover images.

    How to shrink a stamping image:

    1. Place the cloudy squishy stamper head onto the cap of a closed polish bottle.
    2. Using the clear stamper, pick up your desired stamping design like you would normally do.
    3. Creating an "O" with your index finger and thumb, gently squish the cloudy stamper head down over the polish bottle cap.
    4. Transfer the design from your clear stamper onto the squishy cloudy stamper head while you still hold it with your fingers.
    5. Release the squishy cloudy stamper head slowly and the design will shrink, and you can proceed like you normally would.
  • This stamper is not pre-order but will be delayed according to the production time of 25 business days and about 7-14 business days shipping, depending on destination, if ordered in combination with a pre-order design.