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Manitude does not produce the designs.

Only Selling in stock items for a goingout of business sale.


Each design is pre-order and takes approximately 25 business days in production and about 7-14 BUSINESS days shipping from production and then to you as a customer, depending on destination.
(International shipping is subject to longer shipping time due to geographical distance and ongoing COVID-19 global impact and effects)
The price is a reflection of a goal to create less waste and unique designs, which can be achieved collectively. All packages are shipped using kraft document mailers and boxes so the price is a little higher to obtain a low minimum order quantity.

Additional shipping time and cost for multiples,
shipping to Canada, Europe and Worldwide applies.
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All prices are ex. VAT and may have potential additional import fees.


You can pay with Manitude eGift Cards,
PayPal, Klarna and most common payment cards.
Please note that if you choose to pay in rates, your payment plan is made with the provider and not with Manitude. 

  • What is Manitude?
    Manitude is a new creative concept of bringing professional nail art, to your fingertips at your fingertips -with an attitude! We want to create less waste and make unique designs available for everyone.
  • How does it work?
    Approximately twice a month, unless otherwise announced, a community poll will be made on the Manitude poll page where anyone can add their design wishes and the one with the most votes will then be handed over to the design team, who will do their best to create beautiful unique designs without the difficult processes. The Manitude team facilitates the service to deal with the difficult process of negotiating the best price with a factory, conceptualizing the community's wishes, and help bring it to life without requiring large quantities or typical start-up fees while striving to not create excessive waste in the designs or on the environment.
  • How long does it take?
    It takes approximately 14 days to poll for a design. After that, it will be posted in the group and added to the shop. Once we have received 20 paid pre-orders, the design will be produced. This is how it will continue. No design will be limited time or edition, unless stated when the design is announced. It takes about 25 working days to produce and about 7-14 business days shipping from production then to you, depending on your destination. This low minimum order quantity keeps the stock low to minimize waste at a small additional cost, but also enables us to keep the designs available.
  • What happens if a design does not meet the 20 minimum?
    If we can see on the orders, that it is not meeting the minimum requirements within the 60 days refund window, Manitude will buy the remaining up to 20. This is unlikely to happen, but this way the stock is kept to a minimum at all time thus creating less waste. Keep up to date in the Manitude Facebook group in the announcements for progress.
  • Can I get my own personal design/artwork made?
    If you have created art, which fits a winning theme in the community poll in the Manitude Facebook group - whether it be digitally or hand drawn you may post it in the comment section within the first 72hrs. of the community poll winner announcement post and it will be handed over to Mezerdoo, but there is no guarantee it will be included.
  • What size are the designs?
    The designs are industry standard size approx.: 2.3in. x 4.7in. or 6cm. x 12cm. with protective backing.
  • Will you offer other services in the future?
    It's hard to predict the future but we encourage the community to voice their wishes to get other products in the Manitude Facebook group and if there is enough requests the team will certainly look into stocking it, whether it be tools, decals or paints.
  • I have problems with ordering/check-out - I need help!
    You can either use the contact form by clicking "CONTACT" in top of the page or you can join the Manitude Facebook group in the top right corner of the page, to get help from hundreds of great community members. Please don't panic, we got you!


When you visit the Manitude website, the site asks your browser to store a small piece of data (text file) called a cookie on your device in order to remember information about you, such as your language preference or login information. Those cookies are set by us and called first-party cookies. Manitude does not use or share any third-party cookies, or information about you or your behaviour on this site.




All website services provided to you by Manitude are provided to you subject to the following terms and conditions of service. Your use of the website and services indicates that you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of service.


All orders are pre-order as is and produced on the Mezerdoo factory by demand in batches of 20. Manitude is responsible for your product from the manufacturer and until it reaches the post office and no further.

Manitude is able to offer insurance and tracking on U.S. orders ONLY and are not responsible for a package once it transfers to the shipping carrier, it is then their responsibility to deliver and handle concerns of shipping delays or lost packages. If USPS/UPS is not present in your local area, the package will be handed over to the local carrier and it becomes their responsibility. 

Insurance is to protect against loss or damage during shipping. If your package is lost or damaged by the carrier, Manitude will make a claim with USPS. 
All US orders are shipped by USPS.

NOTE: All orders are pre-orders and fully accounted for, it is important to notice, that in case of exchange, you may encounter new pre-order waiting time for a replacement.

In the case that your shipment is lost in transit; you are responsible to file a claim with USPS. Manitude is not to be held responsible for lost packages during transit.

Manitude is not responsible for shipments sent to forwarding services or companies regardless of destination selected, if you place an order and your shipping address is a forwarding address, you are responsible for contacting your forwarding service to locate your shipment.


Manitude is not responsible to weather related damage or delays.

Please make sure your address is correct before placing an order. Manitude will not be responsible for incorrect addresses.

If a product is returned, you are responsible to contact us with the correct address to be re-shipped and to cover the shipping service.

Keep an eye on your package's tracking progress with the tracking number provided on the website under "My Orders". Additionally you will receive a shipping email and it will figure in PayPal if used as payment method. 

This is also where you can find your placed pre-orders invoices. Manitude does not offer packaging slips, in order to minimize waste and keep cost down.

Manitude does not offer an option of bundling orders upon checkout. If orders happen to arrive from the factory to be shipped together, they will automatically be shipped together and the excess shipping fee refunded, not including transaction fees.  

International orders:
Manitude cannot track or put forward claims on any packages shipped internationally. Please only place orders at your own risk if you order outside the US.

Manitude is not responsible for any customs fees or any additional fees you will incur or for delays because of customs. Manitude will declare items as is and can not change the value of the product shipped. There is no way of Manitude knowing if you will incur a customs fee. If you do incur such fee, Manitude are not responsible and you will not be reimbursed.


All content consist of collective group buy from Mezerdoo of aluminum engraved plaques of fan art sold solely for the purpose of non-profit personal use as a parody unit only and is not intended to conflict or create confusion to the respective owners and artist.
In case of conflict, such content will be removed.

The service Manitude offers is to deal with the difficult process of facilitating the often time consuming process.

All designs are produced by Mezerdoo.


Unless expressly agreed with Manitude in writing, you agree to not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, stock, resell any new and unused products or exploit for any purposes, any portion of the website, products or services provided and has no present intent to enter into any undertaking, agreement or arrangement for any such purpose. 



If you cancel your order before it ships to order more items to bundle, you will not keep your spot in the pre-order queue. All pre-orders are processed according to last date of received payment. 

Returns & Refunds:
You may exchange or return your unused order that has not yet had its blue protection film removed from the design within 10 days of receipt. If you are returning the product for a refund, the refund will be issued minus the shipping charge. 

All gift cards are non-refundable and have a 5 year validity period from point of purchase.

Exchanges & Faulty items:
Manitude welcomes exchanges within 10 business days of receipt. 
If there is an issue with your order when you receive it and it was not at your fault, the team will work with you to fix this and you will be asked to provide photographic proof.


Please leave the blue protection film fully or partly attached to the design for photos if you discover a production fault.

This is to provide proof to the factory that the damages happened during manufacturing and ensure a free of charge exchange.  

​Message Manitude from the website within 10 business days of receiving your order. Provide order # and describe your request and Manitude will provide instructions within 24 hours. Do not just send back your items without Manitude approving the exchange.


NOTE: All orders are pre-orders and fully accounted for, it is important to notice, that in case of exchange, you may encounter new pre-order waiting time for a replacement.

Manitude reserves the right to update, amend, or modify these policies at any time. Unless otherwise provided, such amendments will take effect immediately and your use, will be deemed acceptance of the amendments.


If Manitude determines that you act in violation of the policies, Manitude may take any and all appropriate legal actions, including, but not limited to refuse or accept orders from you.

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